I've never met a more caring hypnotherapist than Ania. I connected with her and we built rapport and trust very quickly. Her warm and nurturing nature was extremely helpful as we worked together allowing me to go deeper into myself, thus making our sessions extremely effective. I haven't met many people as dedicated to their craft as Ania. She truly cares and wants to help you create change, you can literally feel her passion. It's tangible. Thank you Ania for the incredible work you've done with me, you really brought me closer to my true, natural, confident and loving self! I'm empowered!!

I saw Ania Gorzkowska three times in total, for anxiety issues. Ania takes the time to listen and to understand your concerns. She doesnt just focus on the symptoms of the issue but rather digs deep to get to the root cause. Once we found the root cause of the issue she then helped me with neutralizing the feelings and emotions that were associated with the painful event from the past that has caused me a lot of trouble for many years. All that is resolved now and I am more than happy to recommend Ania to every person I know!!

I came to see Ania for hypnosis. Ive struggled with the addiction of smoking for over 15 years. Started smoking when I was 17. I could have never connected the idea that that my smoking habit had a lot do with some stressful events that has happened when I was a teen. I could never pin point which events caused for me to smoke. I felt stuck with the addiction. I really liked Ania's approach. She is a great listener and shes was also very through with me. She definitely takes her time to figure out the best approach. Hypnosis with her was superb. Not only I was able to solve my issue (haven't touched cigarettes in 3 months!) but during our sessions I was also able to learn about how to relax and was given some helpful tools and anchors to use for my anxiety. Feeling greatful! Thanks Ania!

As a believer in hypnotherapy, the challenge for me is not to trust that the process will work, but to trust the hypnotherapist. With Ania, this is easy. She approaches the therapy without judgment or prejudice, but with calmness and kindness. It is easy to relax in her presence. We did a relaxation session, and I can honestly say that I do not remember the last time I felt so relaxed, good and stress-free. The sessions last approximately 90 minutes, which can be a challenge for many people to fit into their schedule; however, it is worth every minute. I would gladly make time for hypnotherapy with Ania every week. Ania also performed a circle therapy where we re-visited some difficult moments in my past, moments which I had chosen to suppress and ignore for most of my life. To be honest, I didn’t want to go there, and it wasn’t emotionally easy to re-visit. That being said, it felt like a safe space to deal with the trauma, and since then, I feel differently about those events. It’s hard to articulate, but it is as if they do not have such a stronghold on me, as if they are just events in my life, but they do not define who I am today.

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