Most people are run by their emotions. Very few understand what emotions really are, why we have them in the first place, and what to actually do with what we feel, especially when we experience seemingly negative emotions. The reason emotions trip you up so much is because you hold onto them like your life depends on it.

Hypnosis can help you with this.

Have you been feeling like even though you’ve done so much self-development work the same stuff still triggers the heck out of you?

The very same things make you absolutely livid…

Emotion stuck in your mind is simply an indication that you have attached meaning to something that doesn’t exist. This is what the ego does in order to navigate the world and protect you.

Every emotion that the ego holds onto is attached to an idea, person, place, or thing based on your past experience, which then becomes something called ‘meaning’ in your life.

The reason you have emotions is purely to serve the ego’s prerogative of protecting you and keeping you (or itself rather) alive.

The ego uses these emotional charges to direct your decisions to reinforce your past beliefs, and therefore keep things the same. Hypnosis can help with this.

Let me explain:

Most people grow up learning two ways to deal with their emotions:

Expressing them by throwing them at another person (especially with any kind of emotional pain).

This is when you lash out at someone, who then gets triggered to lash out back at you or someone else (this emotional tennis game never ends well, and is more tiring than anything).

Suppressing them – in other words, when you stuff the emotions down (but that doesn’t mean that they are gone – you are STILL holding onto them)

In the case of suppression, when too much builds for too long, the lid either pops off and you pitch that energy at someone who annoyed you that day, or it can even manifest itself in physical illness or chronic injury.

There is a third way, and that is to LET GO.

We all know that letting go is the key to emotional well-being, at the same time we also know that at times it FEELS absolutely impossible to let go.

And yes, trying to let go consciously indeed can feel like a huge challenge. The reason for this is because we operate from our conditioning. The way to fully let go is to remove the emotional charge behind troublesome patterns.

Thankfully there is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a wonderful modality that allows letting go easily and effortlessly so that you don’t have to be living with those mental constraints.

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