Ania Gorzkowska

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Money Mindset Coach

Helping you release your full potential

Hi, I’m Ania! I’m a Clinical Master Hypnotherapist & Money Mindset Coach that focuses on helping entrepreneurs looking to create more abundance in their personal lives and more wealth in their business.

My Story

My passion for helping people in the field of hypnosis/ hypnotherapy began while working at Saint Paul’s Hospital’s Heart Centre and witnessing many hospital patients ridden with fears, anxiety and health problems.

I used to struggle with my own health issues and despite seeing many doctors and taking different medications and supplements it was only when I discovered hypnotherapy and did the necessary innerwork that I started improving.

Doing such work and seeing for myself how fast I’ve improved my mental and physical health, made me realize that I want to study hypnosis and become a practitioner myself.

I’ve completed all four levels of hypnotherapy: hypnotist, master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist. My method’s main objective is to help people get to the root cause of their problems, which through extensive review predominantly happens to be people’s childhood traumas.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I help people reprogram their outdated programs and habits so that they can release painful emotions and move forward with their lives.

The DSR (Direct Subconscious Releasing) Method

I have developed a method called The DSR Method that has been key in recognizing the root cause of people having aversions to money. Part of my method includes releasing negative thought patterns associated with a negative inner dialogue and neutralizing resistance to beliefs associated with abundance and well-being.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I help people reframe limiting beliefs that can linger all life long if they are not dealt with. By addressing the root cause with proven tools and methods, I help entrepreneurs neutralize outdated programs and beliefs so that they can feel at ease around their finances and grow their portfolio more rapidly

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My work consists of helping entrepreneurs with finding the root cause of their inner blocks and subconscious patterns that prevent them from being at peace with themselves and succeeding with scaling their business.
I started this group because I run 3 amazing hypnotherapy workshops and we've had hundreds of students having tremendous breakthroughs.
This group is a great place for us to share, to connect, and to work on self-development as a community.

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