Emotions drive our lives. Sometimes, those emotions can drive us in the direction we don’t expect. With the power of hypnotherapy, you can take your power back and experience true emotional freedom.

Being aware of the key factors of your emotions is the very first step to your own true freedom.

Let’s go over the three main keys I have learned from many years of experience working with my hypnotherapy clients.

#1. Become aware of your patterns

Have you ever thought of your thoughts as something you practice? Every moment of every day, we are practicing something, including patterns of thought.

What you might not realize is that most of our patterns of thought haven’t changed since childhood.

Until the age of 7, human beings are actually in a hypnotic state.

Our brainwaves are much slower.

This means our experiences at these young ages greatly influence how we think, feel, and behave for the rest of our lives.

Unless we become aware of our mental habits, we are running on outdated programming.

The best way to raise awareness is by answering the following questions:

  • What do I think about on a daily basis?
  • Do I actively choose my thoughts?
  • Am I aware of the effects of my thoughts? (how you feel and behave because of what you think)
  • How often am I thinking about the past or the future?

This last question is a trick question, because the mind is designed to think in terms of the past or future, but not the present.

So if you’re run by your thoughts, then you ARE NOT PRESENT.

So how do you stop thinking?

Well..you can’t.

The secret is to stop identifying with your thoughts.

You are not your thoughts.

They’re things you’re picking up on and they come and go, just like cars passing on the street as long as we don’t hold onto them.

Becoming aware of your own patterns helps access the power of the present moment, so that you can show up powerfully for yourself and for others from the place of your most authentic self.

You cannot stop your mind from thinking.

But you certainly can shift your programming (and therefore patterns) so you don’t have to be at the mercy of it all life long.

With hypnotherapy, you can become aware of which programs from your past you still hold onto  (the ones that are screwing you over time and time again) and therefore let them go.

#2 Your Emotional Habits

This key has a lot to do with abundance and well being. A lot more than you think.

Have you ever heard of something called the emotional scale? (pictured right)

We’re all on it, all the time.

Our emotions indicate how much energy we are allowing to flow in our lives and how much we are also RESISTING in our lives..

The important thing to know is every emotion has a certain level of resistance, even the good ones. The more we learn to let go, the more energy flows to us and through us in our lives.

Generally speaking, the better you feel, the higher on the scale you are, and the worse you feel, the lower on the scale you are.

The lower on the scale you are, the less energy you have. This is why everything seems harder when you’re depressed, scared, anxious, or even bored…

Have you ever noticed when you feel depressed, lonely, or anxious you have very little energy, but if something makes you angry you suddenly have some energy to move and take action?

Anger also has a lot of resistance, but it’s still higher up the scale than fear or grief, and therefore you are letting more energy flow.

So imagine how much you could do if you were regularly feeling inspired, joyful, relaxed and at ease? (high on the emotional scale). So do you know where you are on the emotional scale? It moves around, but everyone has a general set point.

So if you are feeling stressed, anxious, and burnt out most of the time… then you are making your work and life much harder than it needs to be.

#3 Your emotional state is a result of the company you keep

The people you spend time with heavily influence your trajectory in life.

It doesn’t matter how much of an independent thinker you are. If you have people around you who regularly practice doubt, fear, or negativity, it will affect your state of being, and the way you also think about your life and what you are capable of.

So first thing’s first:

If you want all the work you’ve put into yourself to be worthwhile, you MUST clean up your social circle and surround yourself with people who support your GROWTH and desired direction for your life.

A great way to start cleaning things up for yourself is by making a list of all the people in your life, and for each person, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this person support me growing or staying the same?
  • Do I feel ever doubtful, fearful, or small after seeing this person?
  • Does this person question, judge, or criticize my vision?
  • Does this person generally offer problems or solutions?
  • Once you cut out the naysayers, there is still work to be done.
  • There is a reason why you have chosen to have draining people in your life.

They are reflecting back to you things that you are thinking and feeling already, whether or not you are open and willing to admit it yourself…

If you have doubtful people around you, they are actually giving you a gift. They are showing you the doubts still lurking in your own mind, that you may be trying to avoid…

You have to learn to let go of your own doubts and fears so that you don’t attract the same toxic relationships into your life.

Once you clear up your own doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs, you will be crystal clear on who is aligned with your future vision, and who isn’t.

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