I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist that focuses on altered states of awareness, perception and consciousness. I have been treating people that suffer from psychological and physical traumas of various degrees, ranging from lingering smoking addiction to severe phobias and anxieties to help my patients achieve a mastered state of inner concentration focused attention and peacefulness.

My passion for helping people in the field of hypnosis began while working at Saint Paul’s Hospital’s Heart Centre and witnessing many hospital patients ridden with fears, anxiety and weight problems.

I’ve completed all four levels of hypnotherapy: hypnotist, master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist. Having such knowledge give me the skill set to successfully help treat my clients.

My method’s main objective is to help people get to the root cause of their problems, which through extensive review predominantly happens to be people’s childhood traumas.

Using neuro linguistic programming (NLP), I help people reprogram themselves out of their old childhood traumas that linger all life long if they are not dealt with. By facing the problems that surface, with the right tools, I help people neutralize painful feelings and emotions so that they can create better lives for themselves.

Do you want to regain

control of your life?

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Vancouver, BC, Canada


778 986 9383

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